Barmitzvah at the kotel

Everything you wanted to know about making a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

…but didn't know who to ask

Western Wall Barmitzvah Productions
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Are you bored with generic events? It's time to think about holding your Barmitzvah at the Western Wall in Israel

Saru Productions is a professional team who will take care of all your needs. You will not have to worry about a single detail at your own Barmitzvah. Just relax and enjoy like the rest of your invited guests

Unfortunately, it will cost you less cash and save you time


Saru" Bar Mitzvah production

Transportation to the Western Wall
We work only with large companies who have fleets of new buses and minibuses.

Our experience is proof that there is no better way to do things

The Rabbi
You are welcome to provide your own rabbi for the services

However, if you prefer we can take care of all these details with the director of the Kotel

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall and production organization saru productions Bar Mitzvah

Things to Do in Jerusalem
There are a variety of attractions and tours that take place in Jerusalem. We can offer you a large selection of options to choose from that will both surprise and entertain your guests. These will captivate your guests without stretching your pocketbook. You will be left with incredible, lifetime memories

Dining in Jerusalem 
Jerusalem has restaurants that can accommodate every taste and palate. We will coordinate with you to choose the restaurant that best suits you and your guests. We can provide options in a range of styles, tastes, and prices. Due to personal experience with most Jerusalem eateries we can offer an insider's perspective as to which establishment will work best for your event.

Photography at the Western Wall
Our company works with a broad selection of professional, experienced photographers

You can choose to have your event shot in still photography, video, or both

Music for the event
Drummers are an almost mandatory addition to your festive experience at a Kotel Barmitzvah. Upon disembarking at either the Zion Gate or the Ashpod Gate, you will make a grand entrance. You will be greeted by the sounds of shofars blowing in celebration of your arrival. Following that, drummers will guide you and your guests in jubilant song through the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall and production organization saru productions Bar Mitzvah

Customizing your event
Our creative team constantly seeks out fresh

new ideas to make each event unique and personal for you and your guests

We have many ideas we'd love to share with you

and will make every effort to accommodate your suggestions in order to customize your event

Our experienced representative will be responsible for coordinating the production of the entire event down to the last detail

We do not take commissions from any of our vendors,

thus ensuring you the best quality of service for any of the amenities you choose for your event.

We believe in being our client's advocate and put your needs first.

Bar mtizvah at the Western wall with The Desert Drummers

For reservations call Sarit: 0529-772-809

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