bar mitzvah at Masada

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?Planning a bar mitzvah at Masada

?Or maybe you will wish to celebrate Bat Mitzvah

?What you need to know? And how to prepare

Bar Mitzvah on Mount Masada should be exciting and touch all your guest

.Have values. Should contact Jewish heritage and roots
…"It is important that all the above comes with lots of humor.

"There should be a heavy event
It is also important to put the child at the center Because is the real groom

 We will take care for everything
(,Rabbi who will conduct the ceremony of bar mitzvah (and bat mitzvah
Sefer Torah, Lunch
And of course, a lot of experience and professionalism

,Well … You can contact us

We have proven experience,

we manage every Monday and Thursday bar mitzvah at Mount Masada

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bar mitzvah at Masada

Video Bar Mitzvah at Masada